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What exactly is Classicus?

In Classicus you will see a near perfect replica of the Tibia 7.4 days, however we have changed a lot of game features (while keeping the old nostalgia feeling) to suit the game in a better way.

All NPCs, quests, spawns, cities and even books exist like back on Tibia 7.4.

We guarantee you Classicus will never reset and is maintained by a devoted staff regularly. Every few weeks there is an update with more custom content to ensure you are never bored.

Custom Content

To keep things fun on Classicus we have implemented a lot of new content to keep things interesting, especially on higher levels. While we keep all main game features alike to Tibia 7.4, you can explore new islands, quests, monsters, items and outfits.

You can read more about all the custom content in our custom content directory. Enjoy exploring!

  • General
  • Premium
    Everyone has free premium.
  • Custom Content
    We have added a lot of custom content, just check our custom content directory.
  • Antibot Client
    Without our client you can not play Classicus. Press here to download our client.
  • Shared Experience
    Once you are in a party, the party leader needs to right click theirself and select Share Experience.
  • Bonus Experience
    Parties with shared experience enabled will gain 40% bonus exp so you can grind with your friends!
  • Houses
    You need gold account to buy a house. To buy a house use /buyhouse infront of the house you want. Rent 1000gp/weekly.
  • Guild Wars
    Killed enemies will not count as unjustified kill. Leaving guild is blocked for 1 week when you accept the war. Press here for more info.
  • Proxy
    Currently we do not offer a dedicated proxy, however you can try services as WTFast and NoPing.
  • Task System
    You can start tasks at any parcel NPC. For a list of tasks press here
  • Discord Server
    We maintain a Discord server for our community. Press here to join our official Discord server.
  • Practical Information
  • Promotion
    10,000 Gold Coins
  • Frag System
    You get redskull if you kill, 4 or more unmarked players in 24 hours, 12 in a week. You get banned if you get 8 frags in 24 hours.
  • Red Skull
    Red skull lasts for 2 days since your last unjustified kill.
  • Spells
    You do not need to buy spells in order to use them. All spells can be used on free account.
  • Djinn Quest
    Everyone has immediate and free access to both djinn factions and can trade with them.
  • Runes
    You conjure double charged runes. Also you are able to buy runes from NPC Morris.
  • Rates
  • Skill Rate
  • Magic Rate
  • Regeneration Rate
  • Loot Rate
  • Experience Rates
  • Level 1 -> 30
  • Level 31 -> 50
  • Level 51 -> 70
  • Level 71 -> 90
  • Level 91 -> 120
  • Level 121 -> 140
  • Level 141 -> 160
  • Level 161+