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    • GM Nerd
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    • 11.03.19 13:19:11

    New Update released - Serpetine Island!


    Today I have pushed through a little content patch:

    - Added Serpetine Island with new mob, the serpent dragon, everyone is able to travel to Serpetine Island from the boat in Blackleaf Forest.
    - Added few new tasks like Morphus, Ashauls etc. check the library for all tasks.
    - Added new jester outfit to NPC Olek.
    - Various map fixes.
    - Fixed bug where you could not switch/equip rings while walking.

    Soon patching client with various quality of life fixes, like space bar attack (attacks closest monster automatically when pressing space bar).

    Content wise soon new daily boss coming and daily random monster exp bonus.

    Enjoy boys :- )

    • Endor
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    • 12.03.19 22:13:55

    Spawn is not bigger u faller ro add monster. Also can't sell fire robe or amulet of loss, please add.

  • Agree with that fire robe for sure. Looted 4-5 already and can't sell or wear because item gives nothing except good looking.

    • GM Nerd
    • Position: GOD
    • Posts: 28
    • 13.03.19 08:50:44

    Added fire robe to NPC Morris.