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    Thread #1398
    • Spjutkastaren
    • Vocation: Royal Paladin
    • Level: 67
    • Posts: 6
    • 11.02.19 13:14:45


    There is a chest in black forest that is bugged. U can click it and get 5 small sapphires as many times u want. Ppl have been abusing it to get cash. Im not sure were the chest is but they said in black forest.

    • Hilda
    • Vocation: Divine Royal Paladin
    • Level: 123
    • Colonel of Immortals
    • Posts: 4
    • 11.02.19 18:36:16

    Shouldnt be hard to check logs for who has been abusing it.

    • GM Nerd
    • Position: GOD
    • Posts: 29
    • 12.02.19 00:24:20

    Just someone spreading BS rumors, checked the whole map of blackleaf to be sure (made the content myself anyway) and there isn't a single chest/quest that gives gems/sapphires in Blackleaf.