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Custom Changes

Reward Token System

To thank our players, every hour everyone above level 40 will receive a reward token. You can trade in these reward tokens for light wands, dice and most importantly: the lootcrate.

Lootcrates give you a random item, ranging from decoration items to unobtainable rares!

You can trade in your tokens at NPC Fred in Thais, located here. Goodluck!

New Spells

You are able to use new spells on some vocations, also some old spells are changed.

Druid: Heal Friend (exura sio) mana cost reduced from 70 to 35, mas pox now paralyzes.
Paladin: Double Shot (exevo hur) added, does an extra auto attack shot.
Knight: Enrage (exori ira) added, increases your melee damage for a short period.

You can purchase all new spells at NPC Puffels in Edron magictower.

Mythic Vocations

By completing the mythic dungeon, you are able to upgrade your vocation to a mythic promotion for 50000 gold coins.

By upgrading your vocation, depending on your vocation, you will get some increased damage or mana.

Knights & paladins receive a 5% increase in their damage.
Sorcerers & druids receive a increased mana regen.