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What is Bogrund?

Bogrund is a new custom continent consisting out of in total 4 islands surroundings each other. In Bogrund you will find all sorts of monsters ranging from trolls and rotworms to the endboss Yetopus.

Bogrund consists of a large questline taking you around all surrounding islands including some good hunting spots like a big orc fortress, new dragon spawn and more.

You can travel to Bogrund from Venore & Carlin. Gold Account is required to sail to Bogrund. To start the questline, go to Frida (the parcel shop NPC) and ask for permission. You then go to Arvid and travel to Bjorken.

  • Picture
    Monster Name
  • Yetopus
  • Aurora Bird
  • Frozemoth
  • Ancient Dragon
  • Ice Witch
  • Ice Hero

    • Picture
      Item Name
    • Sparkling Crossbow - +20 energy damage
    • Ice Helmet - Arm: 7
    • Ice Armor - Arm: 12
    • Ice Legs - Arm: 8
    • Ice Shield - Def: 32
    • Silver Mace - Atk: 41