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Come play on the best 7.4 oldschool Tibia server! Explore new areas with friends! Try to conquer the surgers in new city 'Molten Hills'! Brrrr.. make sure to bring a scarf! Watch out for the Solar Dragon's beam! Would King Tibianus allow you killing the Royalist? Kaplar! Defeat new minotaurs in Molten Hills! Make sure to safely store your loot in Molten Hills! Exchange creature products to new custom addons and outfits! Watch out, it can get pretty hot down there! Enchant your armors and enjoy new stats on your equipment!

What is Classicus?

Classicus is a Tibia Global 7.4 OT server. Here at Classicus you can enjoy Tibia how it is supposed to be: rewarding, skill based and hardcore.
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20 Feb
Exp event has been prolonged till Sunday, enjoy guys :- )!
27 Jan
We are looking for tutors, if you are interested, have knowledge of 7.4 and our custom content, please apply on discord.

Latest news

Latest news

Small Client Patch Feb 17 2019 4 Comments »

Heya boys,

Small client patch today with minor fixes, such as console auto scrolling down on tabbing channels, some performance updates and we have added feature to lock windows in place.

DX9 client coming up very soon. Run client to auto-update, if you have any trouble updating run "patcher.exe " manually as admin.


Exp event and some knight changes! Feb 16 2019 1 Comment »

Hey players,

Till Tuesday we are boosting all exp gain by 50% to celebrate month anniversary of this Classicus version.

Knight's exori ira has been buffed and exori now costs *1.5 level mana instead of *2.0 level.

We have made some changes to the client, please run patcher.exe, includes small bug fixes and inventory now shows ring/amulet/arrow slot upon minimizing. We keep on perfecting the custom client and will soon implement DX9.

This server will not reset, we implemented world system so in case we want another launch we will add a world instead of resetting the server. So your characters are safe.

We are not planning on launching another world anytime soon.

Enjoy guys, please post any feedback you have, we will remain active and listen to the player's opinions.

Knight Vocation Feedback Feb 12 2019 24 Comments »

Hey there,

Recently getting a lot of complaints about knight vocation, really wanna hear your feedback.

We already buffed knight considerably compared to stock 7.4 by buffing melee attacks over 20%, adding bunch of high attack weapons, adding swiftness rings to catch up to mages and added the exori ira spell.

If you guys still feel EK is underpowered severely we can adjust the vocation in several ways, really looking forward to hear feedback from the community.


Phasing out stable client Feb 7 2019 16 Comments »

Heya players,

Since today we have phased out the cipsoft client and made the former beta client our sole client.

Please download the client in our library, make sure to have the visual redist~ installed (link is provided at the client download page).

If you have any performance issues ingame (lagging, freezing etc.) make sure to put your max FPS rate lower in the graphics options. If you have any kind of lag with movement, fiddle with the keyboard delay.

If you encounter any bugs, errors or whatever please report them on this thread but please include a screenshot and as much details as possible (OS etc.).

We are moving forward this way to prevent botters and cheaters and to add new features easily to the client. This is very important to guarantee fair play (especially on 7.4).

Thank you for your understanding and have fun!

Changelog Sunday Update Feb 3 2019 1 Comment »

Heya guys,

Follow changes have been applied:
New beta client update - Various fixes such as mapclick, added auto updater etc. please re-download client on Library. You can already download the updated beta client, beta client will be forced next Wednesday to use as the sole client.
Poison Storm - half UE (of MS) damage, paralysis, 1000 -> 750 mana.
Enrage - Extra attack with 50% increased max damage (just like doubleshot but with more damage).
Stages - Slightly lowered final exp stages.
Power Bolt - conjure count 2 -> 5
Knight Damage - auto attacks are 10% stronger
Fixed some issues with going to Blackleaf Forest.

Will be adding Blackleaf Forest info/guide to Library in next few days, you can however already access it.

Thank you for playing guys!