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    • GM Nerd
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    • Posts: 28
    • 16.02.19 07:45:29

    Exp event and some knight changes!

    Hey players,

    Till Tuesday we are boosting all exp gain by 50% to celebrate month anniversary of this Classicus version.

    Knight's exori ira has been buffed and exori now costs *1.5 level mana instead of *2.0 level.

    We have made some changes to the client, please run patcher.exe, includes small bug fixes and inventory now shows ring/amulet/arrow slot upon minimizing. We keep on perfecting the custom client and will soon implement DX9.

    This server will not reset, we implemented world system so in case we want another launch we will add a world instead of resetting the server. So your characters are safe.

    We are not planning on launching another world anytime soon.

    Enjoy guys, please post any feedback you have, we will remain active and listen to the player's opinions.

    • GM Nerd
    • Position: GOD
    • Posts: 28
    • 16.02.19 07:54:36

    Please note changes/xp event are applied after next server save (3 hours from now).

    • Aqua
    • Vocation: Elite Knight
    • Level: 146
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    • 22.02.19 13:26:22

    In my personal opinion, the knight change was not really on point. The issue was not necessarily the mana cost of the spell, but rather the inconsistency of the resulting damage. The spell does anywhere from 10 to 500+ damage, depending purely on RNG?

    I find myself using exori 90% of the time when i actually want to do damage.

    • Hell Demon
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    • Level: 119
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    • 23.02.19 22:04:50

    i agree with aqua...

    the damage consistancy is not there .. can waste 60 mana and hit 10 damage.. while mages and rps use a spell they are guarnetted that damage for the mana.. which should be ek stats as well.. they hit melee horrid// end of story they need to be buffed again .. and exori ira.. should ALWAYS hit atleast 100 to whatever it does now..

    • Ube
    • Vocation: Elite Knight
    • Level: 85
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    • 24.02.19 00:50:03


    I agree with both players above me