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  • >> Originally posted by Astral Disaster on 15.02.19 19:38:07:
    >> I agree with everything the person said before, how the Paladins have their good set as Death Helmet +3 dist, the wizards with the whole set reach +15 ml is incredible, that only the Knights have nothing like that. ... Hercules set? HP + well but that at high levels I think it does not make much difference, and since I'm in it I do not think the Knight's have a good arsenal of weapons really if you're something tall like 70+ if you use a sword, you'll use Giant Sword do not? and if it is ax Dragon Lance would be the two would be both hands to use their defense defense will be somewhat open and receive more damage (I say from experience, although of course I have very bad skills xD) well that was all ....
    >> A Great Greeting, Astral Disaster.

    Really?? paladins have their +3 dist helmet...
    Even with a +5 dist helmet totalling 97 dist, my maximum bolt is around 180 pvm, which is kind-of low... and hunting with power bolts is not possible, since the manacost and price to buy them is too high.

    Mages can get around 10 mg lvls, knights have buffed spells and can get +275 hp.. you say it doesn't affect you, but a knight that can heal a shitload with UH, and has +275 is kind of buffed.

    Feeling like paladin is the worst balanced vocation atm..
    I don't need any buff. just enable us to hunt with power bolts lol..
    I spend like 1k bolts per hunt, cost 6k.. make the use of power bolts cost like 3x more, so I can actually exp with them..

    It's not like we'll be hitting 250+ .. just the little extra dmg help.

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    • 17.02.19 10:28:11

    >> Originally posted by Shuyken on 16.02.19 09:16:33:
    >> A small change I would like to see is Exeta res costing less mana, some monsters change target a lot and when there are multiple monsters I find myself unable to taunt them all as a low level knight

    I'd rather see them keep the manacost but make the aoe 1 square bigger. I always get so annoyed when trying to taunt. The small aoe makes knights taunt feel really bad.

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    • 17.02.19 10:32:49

    >> Originally posted by Shadow Nz on 16.02.19 01:01:14:
    >> I already thought EKs were OP.
    >> 1 UH and full HP.
    >> For a mage, you have to use mana fluids, and with a EK atking you hitting over 100s PVP
    >> its ridiculous, as mana fluids only heal 40-60 mana per time. get 2 EKS on you with exoris and exori ira its game over. You cant even fight back 3x SD vs 1 UH? o.0 or UE 20x Mana fluids vs 1 UH
    >> If any chances need to be done, Just increase mana fluid intake amount to maybe 100,
    >> Druid + EK has always been the combo for old tibia
    >> EKs are designs to be team players with exeta res and with high HP
    >> whats the point playing any other vocation if EKs can solo all monsters with high atk damage.
    >> Soon EKS gonna be like real tibia here in classicus.
    >> Any bluffs going towards Eks, im changing vocations

    Yes. We should be careful not to buff knights to much. I mentioned it earlier aswell.

    But trust me, on this server sorcs are the op class
    Buffing the mana fluids to give more mana is a terrible idea.
    If anything buff druids a bit more somehow. There is pretty much 0 high lvl druids.

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    • 17.02.19 18:13:59
    • Edited by Babe
    • on 17.02.19 18:14:32

    Knight Voc Is perfect

    all you people talking about that knights are weak and a bad voc here must be noobish as shit. its 7.4 bro train your skills if you want to be a sucessful powerful knight
    all this our damage sucks blah blah your just trying to make knight unbeatable and thats boring as shit
    i got 90 axe and hit like a fucking truck at this lvl imagine when i get 130 with great axe just saying if you think knight are underpowered maybe your skills are fucking train lol

  • I agree with you Bubba Kush

    >> Originally posted by Bubba Kush on 12.02.19 22:15:23:
    >> With the exori ira having a chance to not hit and having such inconsistency with damage, it really doesn't seem viable to use that spell instead of exori or explosions. If it was a guaranteed hit and having a smaller gap between min & max damage, it would be a way better spell.

    For example, you could put GM to the Exori ira to do at least 60-75% of the damage and, therefore, do not spend 60 manas to do the damage 10-50 or up to 0.

    For example, if you did 400 damage with that ability to spend 60 mana, you'll get at least 300, which would be 75% damage and, of course, this applies more to high levels of EK.

    Greetings, Astral Disaster ...