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    • Archmage Antonidas
    • Vocation: Master Sorcerer
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    • 03.02.19 22:15:16
    • Edited by Archmage Antonidas
    • on 03.02.19 22:15:33

    Remove the "view players" or at least tweak it a bit

    This type of thing doesn't work well. Being able to see who is online and what level the character and also what class just allow random PKs to randomly search for a victim to kill.

    Yesterday I was "hidden" (and so I thought lol) and some random dude came direct to where I was!

    The dude literally knew where I was, he probably looked for my name in the "View players" and "exived" me. Luckly I wasn't afk, and also very aware so I could hit ctrl + Q quick enough to avoid some random death from some random PK dude.

    Can't even find a good place to rune alone while fishing without the fear of some crazy dude appearing out of nowhere because he found out I was online and could see my level and class.

    The aggressor here have all the advantage, while the victim is left with the doubt. Please consider at least removing class and level from the "View players" only showing the name is enough.

    I condemn any Otserver that use this kind of feature.