New World Launching

We are launching a new world, called Oldera, next Saturday 13 April on 18:00 CET.

Oldera will be launching next Saturday 13 April 18:00 CEST

Relive the old glory days

In a new fashion!

Classicus is a midrate 7.4 realmap Tibia server. All mechanics, NPCs, quests, monsters and even books are available just like in stock Tibia 7.4. Classicus is a fun OT for fast PvP and custom content.

We did do a huge graphic revamp of lots of old Tibia sprites, this gives you the oldschool feeling yet is still refreshing and new.

Or explore new content

and exciting new features

In addition, to keep the game refreshing, we have added loads of new content. This content is carefully added and is sure to fit the old Tibia feeling.

Complete dungeons with friends for experience and item rewards. Explore huge new continents with over 30+ new creatures, 20+ quests and new features as lava fishing, crafting and enchanting armors.

New Areas and Quests

We have added many new areas and even expanded some old areas with new custom creatures. There are many quests, including epic quests (can only be completed once per world), huge storyline quests and new endgame quests.
You can find over 10+ hidden boss creatures all over Classicus.

Explore more about our new content here!

New Outfits & Addons

You need to keep looking cool, so make sure to collect creature items. There are over 30+ creature items for you to gather, ranging from minotaur skinning up to demon skinning.
Then trade or turn in your creature products for cool addons and outfits!

Read more about our addons and outfits!