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Sep 12 2014 - Increased Loot and Experience Weekend!

Due to 'some' complications that happend lately, we are hosting an increased loot and experience weekend. The rates will be boosted from 13.09 10:00 CET to 15.09 10:00 CET. There will be 50% increase in loot chance (up to x6) and 50% increase in experience gain.


Sep 12 2014 - Your kills on website

Website has been update with a new feature. You may now check who you have killed (last 30 kills) on the website. To do so, login to your account and search for your character in the 'search character' box. The output will look something like this


Kind regards.


Sep 11 2014 - Host Relocation

Due to host relocation todays server save will take a little longer. Until the DNS are changed, please use the new server IP to visit the website and download the client from there ( You can copy maps and Tibia.cfg from the old client to the new one.

Kind regards.

It is complete and server is online again.


Sep 6 2014 - Client Update


after sundays global server save, 07.10 - 10:00 CET, you will need to download new client from the website. In order for the client to work, you need Visual Studio 2013 Redistributable, which can be found on official Microsoft website - http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784 (x86 version should be fine).

This update brings more bot protection/detection.

The download links on the website have been updated. You will not be able to play with the new client before next global server save - 8 hours from now.

Old client link removed. Client update is done.

Another update:
If you are having problems with kernel32.dll, please re-download the client. Diagonal movement has been fixed.

Update 07.09, 12:43 CET:
Classicus.dll has been improved performance-wise. If you have a feeling client is slow sometimes, you might want to download and replace Classicus.dll in your client directory with this one: http://classicus.org/Classicus.dll. It is already included in the classicusv4.zip.



Aug 21 2014 - Small changes.

After tomorrows server save players will be able to move items from front house door, weapon attack timer will only be reset when changing fight mode and you will not receive damage by walking over poison fields immediately. This patch also fixes X-Log.

You will still have to wait for the client update a little more, since at its current stage it might cause clients performance drop.

Remember to move your items from the door to inside of the house!


Aug 11 2014 - Football event!

Today we had the football event. You guys made it really fun for us to organize. We even had a streaker that caused to disrupt the game! Though the tourney took almost over 2.5 hours it was worth any single minute.

Thank to those participating (over 50 people!) and we'll be sure to organize all kind of events soon.

Thank you for playing Classicus!