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Welcome to Classicus is a real-map Tibia 7.4 server with war system, party experience sharing, all oldschool quests and task system. This server is trying to replicate the old days with extra features which make the game way more enjoyable.


What is Classicus?

Classicus is a Tibia 7.4 OT server. Trying to replicate the old days, while enhancing your game experience by adding new fun features making the game much more enjoyable. You will gain experience/loot a bit faster then you would in the old days, making the game more fun and less grindy.
Wether you are a warmonger or you want to do high level quests in the old Tibia fashioned way, Classicus is a lot of fun. Read more...

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24 Aug
NEW CLIENT!! We've released new client for Please download the client, should also solve the current bots on Classicus. Thanks for sticking around on Classicus!
20 Aug
As you see the new website is online! If you notice any bugs, be sure to e-mail us. New client will be coming in the course of next week, thanks for playing Classicus!
15 Aug
Just a small headsup to you Classicus players, new client and website is coming next weekend (around 22 Augustus) together with the release of Oldera.

Latest news

Latest news

Experience Voucher! Jun 23 2015 8 Comments »

Because of the recent bug on Classicus everyone who has registered his account before Sunday 21 June has been given an experience voucher.

This voucher will give you 50% extra experience for the duration of 12 hours. Once you activate your voucher the 12 hour count will start, regardless if you logout, the timer will still continue.

You can activate your voucher by typing "!voucher". Thank you all for sticking around to Classicus.

No rollback Jun 21 2015 86 Comments »

After working all night we've concluded that the database backups has been corrupted and therefore cannot be used. This issue has now been fixed and in the future we will be able to rollback in a proper manner. Obviously we do NOT want this! Therefore we made sure to fix the error that caused the 1000 points to be given away to players which took a lot of time.

This means that we cannot rollback and we WILL NOT reset. Instead we wiped the server clean from all vip and djinn scrolls. We set everyone's accounts to 14 day of VIP meaning that some people lost a few days. We're sorry for this and hope that you can forgive us. We cannot compensate with more VIP days to every account manually as it'll require an enormous amount of time we don't have. The list is extremely long and we'd need to manually check through our database for every single player. It is NOT possible.

As for djinns: Anyone who had access to djinn/rashid activated on their account will get theirs back tomorrow. Send an e-mail to If you request to get back a djinn scroll that you ACTIVATED during time period the server was being abused by the huge amounts of premium points spilled, you will be banned for wasting my time; forcing me to check through your logs. You will be caught, and I need to spend as much time as I have by helping players who actually needs it.

If you are still not satisfied with the server you have the possibility to refund your donated money. Note that if you do this you will also lose your account. Furthermore, you'll all be compensated in several ways these upcoming days. Including double exp, skill and increased lootrate.

New content! Jun 18 2015 15 Comments »

We are happy to announce that we will be releasing new content with new monsters. We are in the progress of finishing the map and which then will be released to everyone to explore.

This will be the third island on our seperated custom city 'Bogrund'. Expected release is in 1 to 2 weeks. Thank you all for playing Classicus! Reset 23 May! May 18 2015 0 Comments »

Classicus is resetted and will be starting again on 23 MAY 18:00 CET.
Website will be open for account registration on Tuesday 19 May. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook to keep updated!

This will be the fourth version of Classicus. While we always tried to keep Classicus without resets, it is inevitable a reset happens. As we have been running Classicus now since early 2014, we know the ins and outs of Classicus properly. Also the new update will be available to everyone on the launch date, more info about the new update can be found below.

This version of Classicus will last very long, as the previous Classicus was highly populated for over 8 months. We are completely sure of that. We always had a fun time running Classicus and bringing joy to so many people, this is what thrives us to keep running Classicus and let Classicus perform at it's best.

In addition we have been working on the client making at as antibot as possible which was already live at the end of the last Classicus, as always we enhance a zero policy on botters and people using macro. We'll have two new gamemasters, which are paid by us to make sure Classicus stay as bot free as we possibly can. Paying them will remove any chance of corruption. We plan on doing weekly community events on Sunday in which every player of Classicus is able to participate.

We really hope you enjoy being involved with Classicus just as much as we do. We are going to have a lot of fun again and so will you if you decide to play Classicus again. Thank you guys for the awesome support and we hope to see you back on Classicus yet again! - Summer Update! May 18 2015 0 Comments »

As most of you know, we've been working on a new update for Classicus for several months now. This update should give some possibillities to highered level characters to gain experience. The standard 7.4 map just has very little hunting spots to offer in terms of places to hunt at higher levels, making the end-game on Classsicus dull and repetitive.

The new update will contain a big story line quest, taking you all over the new islands. Little puzzles you'll have to solve, riddles and epic quests included. Also you will be able to hunt various new monsters, mainly for the some what higher leveled players (think about min. level 70+).

In short, this is what the new update will contain (without spoiling too much to you guys). Needless to say that the new update is perfectly balanced in terms of exp, loot and it's design aligned with the old 7.4 map style.

Check out the video below to get a small impression of what the new update contains.