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Welcome to Classicus is a real-map Tibia 7.4 server with war system, party experience sharing, all oldschool quests and task system. This server is trying to replicate the old days with extra features which make the game way more enjoyable.


What is Classicus?

Classicus is a Tibia 7.4 OT server. Trying to replicate the old days, while enhancing your game experience by adding new fun features making the game much more enjoyable. You will gain experience/loot a bit faster then you would in the old days, making the game more fun and less grindy.
Wether you are a warmonger or you want to do high level quests in the old Tibia fashioned way, Classicus is a lot of fun. Read more...

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14 Nov
We will be having loads of events again tomorrow! (Sunday event day!) We'll have around 5+ events. Starting around 7 PM CET. Also happy to announce that we'll introduce a cast system in the following week.
05 Nov
Increased exp&loot event this weekend! For more information please read the news below. Thanks for playing Classicus! =)
02 Nov
Thanks for participating in all the events yesterday. To thank you guys we've deleted another 20~ users detected for using bot. Gratz to Mistrzu for being the highest level getting caught today (lv89)!

Latest news

Latest news

CAST SYSTEM! Nov 29 2015 2 Comments »

For those that didn't already know, we now have a cast system implemented into the game!

A cast system is basically an in-game stream. Instructions below!

To start your cast, just type: !cast start
To start it with a password, type: !cast start;password
To start it with a password and description: !cast;password;description (password can be empty - !cast start;;description)
Your password can be anything, just replace the word password with your desired word.

To set a cast password or description while you are already casting, you may use:
!cast password;my_password
!cast description;my_description

To view a cast, simply open another client and login with NO account number and password. If you wish to enter a cast which requires a password, as the streamer for the password then login on the client using NO account number, just the requires password.

Beware of snipers, everyone ;- )

Classicus will NOT shut down for a long time! Nov 28 2015 7 Comments »

There are some rumours going around that we're going to "reset" the server. I just wanted you all to know that this is false and we will NOT shut down the server while there are still people playing.

Classicus have in the past lasted over half a year and we're barely into two months. Don't worry people, we will stay up for a long time.

On other news, we are working on the crashes that's been bothering Classicus and we have made great steps to fix it! Sorry for not informing you sooner but we tried to keep the attention of this to a minimal.

We also recently added a cast system. More information about this will come later.

Keep enjoying Classicus and thank you for playing with us!

Classicus staff

Increased loot&exp this weekend! Nov 5 2015 6 Comments »

To thank all you players for your continued effort here at Classicus, we are inviting you to a increased exp&loot weekend this Saturday & Sunday. Event will be starting after Saturday's server save.

On Sunday we'll do another event day (having over around 5 events~), which of course will be hosted and livestreamed on Twitch by yours truly again.

We will be closely monitoring destructive behaviour, do not block any hunting spots, you will be banned.

We hope to see you around this weekend and we'll have loads of fun!

Screenshot Drawing! Oct 29 2015 5 Comments »

The screenshot competition finally comes to a conclusion (postponed a few days). We need you to decide which screenshot you think is the best screenshot.

This weeks theme was "Advances!", a screenshot of an skill/level advance in Classicus. We have drawn 3 screenshots we think are the best ones. We need you to vote on who has submitted the best screenshot.

Please look at the screenshots below and cast your vote at

Competitor Number #1:

Competitor Number #2:

Competitor Number #3:

Don't forget to cast your vote!

Our proxy server is now online! Oct 24 2015 5 Comments »

Our proxy server is finally online. The dedicated proxy server is located in Florida and should help most (South) Americans reduce their ping.

You can connect to the proxy by going to Options -> Network in our client.

Please note that it is still in development phase and it should be used at own risk (we will not be reliable for kicks and such).