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Dec 17 2014 - New teaser!

As promised, here is the new teaser for the new content which is coming up soon. We are making good progress on the new content, but we won't make our initial goal of releasing the new content before Christmas. We want to test everything thoroughly and make the content yet interesting but not overpowered in anyway.

As said before there will be one main quest story line through the new content. There will be one main city and several small icelands all connected to each other through the main story quest.

In this teaser some screenshots of the new main city, we'll be releasing another teaser just after Christmas (around 27 december) which will show you some very exciting new information, (hint hint new creatures and some teasers of the new hunting grounds!).

Thank you all for playing Classicus! (also on a sidenote, Classicus will remain online, no resets as rumored again!)

Hopefully you won't see this temple that much!

Ahoy! One of many boats on the new continent!

Hungry? Have a bite at the new tavern!

Store your items safely! This depot is built to withstand snow hazards!

There are some trolls gathering near the city, they are usually not that hostile though, don't worry!


Nov 26 2014 - Death penalty.

Starting tomorrow server save the death penalty will be reduced.
You will lose 20% less experience and 25% less magic and skill tries.

As we also agree that painful death was a real part of old times, we feel that it is too harsh. Eventually, we might also reduce the death penalty further from PvP deaths under certain conditions. Player killing situation will be monitored.


Nov 20 2014 - Downtime

Seems like server was left alone when it crashed (again), to be more precise, it got into an infinite loop taking 100% cpu, thus not letting anything to happen in the game world. I have located the bug and am working now on delivering a fix. The server will go up again when this is fixed.

Server is up

If you encounter any bugs with doors, report them on forum.
Due to no attention from administration, I have adjusted the following rates:

* Skill from 7 to 9
* Magic from 3.5 to 4.5
* Loot from 4 to 6
* Experience by 15% on all stages

Rates will stay up until server save on November 22.


Nov 15 2014 - Sunday Football event!

Tomorrow (Sunday) we'll be hosting a football event yet again. It will be hosted on Rookgaard and in order to participate you must be level 1 (not higher!). Of course we'll give out some prizes to the winners.

We'll be hosting the event around 21:00 CET! Be there and let's have some fun!

Also, regarding recent crash, we've enabled script logging so we can figure out what script caused this latest crash.


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Nov 11 2014 - Extra content coming up and a small teaser!

Behind the scenes we are working very intensively on adding extra content for you to explore. We think in order to keep Classicus interesting we have to add more content, also for the amount of players playing Classicus the current map is simply too small.

The style of the new content will be "Ice & Snow", consisting out of a main town and surrounding ice lands, including a story quest which will bring you throughout all of the islands. Instead of just adding hunting grounds without purpose, most of the big spawns will play an important role in the storyline quest.

Also we'll be adding a few new monsters (including new sprites!), which will totally be in "old school 7.4 style". To summarize, our main goal is to make the new content really exciting while retaining the old school feeling, including keeping spawns balanced and certainly not overpowered.

The new content will be accessible for everyone, there is no need to be VIP or donate in order to get to the new content.

While we have a long road in front of us in completing the new content, we wanted to let you know what we've been up to lately. We are certainly working hard on making Classicus an even better place!

Update will take approx. another month, our goal is to release the new content before Christmas (this is not a set date though!). While we work on the new content we'll be showing you some teasers on a regular basis to keep you guys informed.

Today's Teaser

Angry Orc's are setting the camp on fire! RUN!

This is not a good place to escape of the KRAK ORRRRRRRRKKS! *cries*


Nov 9 2014 - Classicus Cam

As it has been said, beta tests of Classicus Cam are starting now. It is based on Tibianic Tools, so most of you should already be familiar with it. It has been stripped down quite a lot leaving only desired features in. Classicus Cam should get some more updates in the near future. .NET 3.5 is required for this app to run (already pre-installed on newer versions of Windows).

Grab the link: http://classicus.org/cam/ClassicusCam.exe

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