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Welcome to Classicus is a real-map Tibia 7.4 server with war system, party experience sharing, all oldschool quests and task system. This server is trying to replicate the old days with extra features which make the game way more enjoyable.


What is Classicus?

Classicus is a Tibia 7.4 OT server. Trying to replicate the old days, while enhancing your game experience by adding new fun features making the game much more enjoyable. You will gain experience/loot a bit faster then you would in the old days, making the game more fun and less grindy.
Wether you are a warmonger or you want to do high level quests in the old Tibia fashioned way, Classicus is a lot of fun. Read more...

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08 Jul
INCREASED EXP WEEKEND! From Saturday serversave until Monday serversave you will gain 50% increased experience. Enjoy!
04 Jul
We need your vote! Please cast your vote regarding a change in frag system here. Thank you for playing Classicus and have fun!
30 Jun
This weekend we are having a loot event. During this event you will get increased loot luck! For more information scroll down to the news section. Enjoy!

Latest news

Latest news

Loot Event! Jun 30 2016 2 Comments »

Dear players,

This weekend we are having a loot event. During this time you will have 30% increased lootluck.

From Saturday serversave until Monday serversave the extra increased lootluck will apply. During this time we'll be doing extra in-game surveillance, do not block any spawn entrances and do not power abuse. Let everyone enjoy this event!

Thank you for playing Classicus and have fun this weekend!

Aurora Boss! Jun 28 2016 0 Comments »

Thanks for joining the boss event today. Was lotsa fun with you all!

Thank you and enjoy playing Classicus!

Event Schedule for next few days! Jun 22 2016 0 Comments »


If you have any events as suggestion, please reply to this topic! For the next few days this will be our event schedule, make sure you are there and enjoy these events with all of us.
1. Thursday 23 June 20:00 CEST - Raid night (+ maybe some Trivia), we'll be doing numerous raids (for low to higher leveled). Make sure you are there, don't come if you don't wanna die, there might be a slim chance you will ;)! This event will take around an hour in total to complete.

2. Friday 24 June 20:00 CEST - Poker Event! We'll be holding our Poker homegame (at Pokerstars) again in which the first prize will be a whopping 250 shop points (20 Euro worth). More info regarding on how to join the poker event will be available around an hour or two before the event and will be regularly broadcasted. This event will take around 2-3 hours in total to complete.

3. Saturday 25 June 20:00 CEST - Fast hand + Trivia event! We'll be holding a fasthand event in which every player can join. Get your mouse and hands ready because it'll be exhausting for sure! This event will take around 1 hour in total to complete.

4. Sunday 26 June 20:00 CEST - Football event! Are you the next Ronaldo on Tibia? Or the next Messi? Prove yourself in teams of 4 (you will be assigned to a team if you don't have one) against each other in our Football arena. This event will take around 2 hours in total to complete.

Below is the event we did today, a little boss event (which you will some more of next week):

Thank you everyone for playing Classicus and enjoy!

Boss Event Jun 19 2016 0 Comments »

Today we had lotsa fun with the boss event. Thank you for everyone participating in the event!

Have fun playing Classicus!

We need your feedback! Jun 19 2016 24 Comments »

Heya guys,

Classicus is now up around 24 hours and compared to earlier editions we did make rather huge changes on this edition. To see if these changes are welcomed or disliked, we are asking your feedback on several different topics.

Please answer in this topic on the following subjects, please supply constructive critism or reasoning when replying:

1. Runes
On earlier Classicus editions we have always had double charged runes. This resulted in inflated rune market and rather easy leveling, especially on mages.
We've changed to normal charged runes to balance the vocations out a bit, as we believe on earlier editions mages were OP. Though we did increase mana rate and have not nerfed any mage spells (like we did on earlier editions, like UE).
We need your opinion about how the new rune system feels and if you feel like it is balanced.

2. Loot
Our loot system and how loot is distributed has changed a lot since last Classicus edition. We want your opinion on how profitable your hunts are and if the loot rate is fine.

3. Task System
On earlier editions, up to 5 persons were able to get a task count. On this edition only 2 persons are able to get a task count. We believe the task system was greatly unbalanced and resulted in mass leveling with 10 people running around as a group at dragons f.e. on level 20. We want your opinion on how the current task system works for you and if you are still having fun with your group of friends.

4. Spawn Rate
We have drastically improved how spawning works, though right now it might now be a bit too fast in certain situations. Please tell us how you feel the spawn rate is and if it should be higher.

These are the subjects for now, though we probably will add some more topics we need your feedback on as the server progresses. All these changes might make it a little harder for you to get high, but ultimately we want you to have an endured experience over longer periods of time.

We used to lower experience stages a lot on higher levels and instead the experience rate is higher at level 90+ then on previous editions, instead of having unlimited supplies and lower experience rate (we used to have 2x I believe at 90x even going to 1x at level 130).

Please reply to this topic with your constructive feedback. Thanks for playing Classicus and have fun!