Thronia RPG is a lowrate Tibia 7.4 OT server.
Here at Thronia you can enjoy Tibia how it is supposed to be: rewarding, skill based and hardcore.

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Why play Thronia?

Thronia will never reset. By having low rates and offering authentic gameplay, we can ensure you that Thronia is here to stay. Read more here...
2. Authentic Tibia 7.4 Gameplay
Thronia is completely stock 7.4 state with authentic formulas and no custom additions, with exception of tasks and shared experience. Server engine is same as on Classicus and is completely stable.
3. Community Driven
Do you want new content? Do you want something existing changed? We have implemented a suggestion system that puts you in charge of server updates. Read more here...
4. Strict Anti-Cheat Policy
Here at Thronia we have a strict zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of cheaters. Cheaters, such as macro, are deleted on sight. You are allowed to only have 2 multiclients open. Read more here...
5. Total Transparency
We want to ensure everyone is treated equal on Thronia. That is why you can see each and every Gamemasters log here.

Latest News

New content announced!

Feb 21 2016 - GM Nerd

Hello fellow Thronians!

We are happy to announce that we can show you the very first teaser of the new content we are working on. We've been discussing, thinking and working on something unique while also keeping the old Tibia feeling!

While we were thinking of what new content to make, we thought of multiple biomes, styles and sizes.
We've finally come to the conclusion to create a Mayan themed jungle biome, as this is a biome and theme we can do so many unique and fun things with.

The city itself will be quite of a big size as Maya cities expanded fast and big back in it's time. Also the city will be in a somewhat unique way (in terms of height and details).
We want to give you a feeling of entering a real old Mayan civilization as if it was left untouched.

The "jungle biome" where the city and spawns are located will be very large in size while also detailed. You will find complete new creatures here, from low to high level (while retaining balance, we don't want everyone to only hunt in the new areas).
The new areas will be connected by land to the current Tibia map.
We have some awesome ideas to make the jungle look chaotic but still be very walkable and playable (unlike Port Hope).

Because of the Mayan theme we are able to introduce a very large and compelling story line into this area, there are many mysteries and stories surrounding the Mayan civilization which we can implemented in to the new areas.

All items, flooring, monsters, signs etc. will be completely custom, this to give you a total new experience when you explore the new lands.
We will make sure to sprite all the new designs in the old Tibia way, so don't worry about new areas, they will suit the old Tibia design style.

Below you can see the style and theme we will be creating the new area in, this is still a very early work in progress, so expect changes.

Please let us know what you think of the idea of this new content and the building style shown below.
A Mayan temple surrounded by jungle - bigger image: teaser.png

Please note that this new content is still in the very early progress of development, it will take an considerable amount of time to complete the new content. We will be releasing some story lore of the new content in a few days!

Thronia launch!

Feb 6 2016 - GM Nerd launched earlier today and currently we are having a blast. With 400+ players online at start, Rookgaard was a bit tough for our young padawans, but they managed to continue the struggle and after 3 hours Janusz Dyba was the first to reach mainland. He picked knight as his profession.

Like said before, having 400 players login at start is pretty neat for a lowrate and we'll continue working on Thronia. Thanks for playing!

Thronia now announced!

Jan 26 2016 - GM Nerd

We are happy to announce that Thronia will be starting on Saturday 6 February 17:00 CET!

The website should supply you with sufficient information about Thronia, though if you do have any questions or suggestions, e-mail us on!

As always, we hope to see you here at server opening!


Small stones will no longer instantly break, instead they now have 5% to break on hit. Thronia has been re-added to OTServlist, with paid advertisement. Expect a testserver soon to test out new content!

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