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Feb 21 2015 - Update release date postponed

Hi guys,

Unfortunately the update is delayed due the technical stuff taking longer then expected to work on.

The release date is postponed for now for unknown time. Personally I think this will take another 2-4 weeks most likely.

Once I can give you more information, you'll of course be notified. Please note that the update is worked upon in our free time and only by two persons.

Again we are very sorry and we thank you for playing Classicus!


Jan 31 2015 - Release date of the new update!

Hi guys!

We are happy to announce that the new update is going to be released live at Classicus on Sunday 22 February!

Originally our focus was to release the new update around now, but we really want to create something special and exciting for all players.

As you all probably know, the new update will contain completely new monsters, items, quests and much more. This simply takes up a lot of time to create, but the end is in sight.

Also in about a week we'll be releasing a cool video trailer, giving you a better impression of the new update.

For now.. here's another little teaser of one of the new monsters..

The Ice Hero
Once the Heroes ruled the world of Tibia.. now they are back.

The Ice Hero will be pretty tanky and deal out quite a chunk of damage. If you grind Ice Heroes you'll be sure to loot one of the new armor pieces!



Thanks for playing Classicus and hopefully you guys are just excited as we are!


Jan 14 2015 - Downtime :-(

There was a huge malfunction in the data center, followed by a IP conflict between servers (hence why classicus was directed to some sketchy site).

Unfortunately we had totally no control over this, though we are in direct contact with the hosting provider, this still took to long of them to fix. We pay top dollar to this hosting provider so a downtime this long is totally unacceptable. Also we have been getting reports of minor kicks now and then. We will be looking for a new hosting provider and switch to a new one most likely next month.

As in compensation, all current VIP users will receive an extra 3 days of VIP later tonight. There might be a minor rollback.

Compensating the downtime, in my opinion, with increased loot/exp is pretty bad but that's totally to be decided by the community.

Please comment on this news post with your ideas about compensating the downtime. Make sure you accompany your ideas with arguments so we can discuss how to compensate the downtime.

Again, we are very sorry for the huge downtime that is caused and hopefully you will continue to play Classicus with us.

Thanks for your patience!


Jan 11 2015 - Update Teaser - New Monsters!

Heya, in this teaser we'll be talking a bit more about the new monsters that are coming up in the new update.

In the new update you will be able to find about 4 new monsters. By adding new creatures we hope you will be able to find it more amusing to explore the new content and will face you with new challenges. Goes without saying that there will be tasks for these monsters added.

The new creatures will be balanced correctly and some of the new creatures will need multiple people to kill them (for example a blocker with two shooters), this hopefully enhances team hunting a bit more.

Also some normally unobtainable items will be loot-able, for example silver maces will be loot-able (and sell-able to Rashid).

So let's start off with two new creatures you are going to find on the new ice lands..

The Ancient Dragon
The Ancient Dragon is finally freed out of it's frozen state and ready to unleash reign upon any new explorer.

The ancient dragon will be a slightly harder version of Dragon Lord and you will able to find these monsters at the so called "Death Valley".



Yeti's used to be friendly, but after they were being hunted just for their slippers, they no longer are friendly and will pose a threat to any new explorer.

We have decided that the pretty much unused Yeti needed a rework and be added in regular spawns on the new ice lands. The Yeti is very similar to the non 7.4 existent Hydra, yet we think Hydra's are overpowered exp/loot wise so you will find differences in this area when comparing the new Yeti to Hydra's.



This is it for now, we expect the new update to be released at the last weekend this month. This isn't set in stone but we are certainly getting very much closer to the release. Expect a new teaser next Sunday and thank you for continuing to play Classicus!


Jan 5 2015 - Player made video!

Some players of Classicus have made an awesome video of Classicus!

Be sure to check it out, also more information regarding the new content is coming out this week. Stay tuned, it's going to be awesome!


Dec 17 2014 - New teaser!

As promised, here is the new teaser for the new content which is coming up soon. We are making good progress on the new content, but we won't make our initial goal of releasing the new content before Christmas. We want to test everything thoroughly and make the content yet interesting but not overpowered in anyway.

As said before there will be one main quest story line through the new content. There will be one main city and several small icelands all connected to each other through the main story quest.

In this teaser some screenshots of the new main city, we'll be releasing another teaser just after Christmas (around 27 december) which will show you some very exciting new information, (hint hint new creatures and some teasers of the new hunting grounds!).

Thank you all for playing Classicus! (also on a sidenote, Classicus will remain online, no resets as rumored again!)

Hopefully you won't see this temple that much!

Ahoy! One of many boats on the new continent!

Hungry? Have a bite at the new tavern!

Store your items safely! This depot is built to withstand snow hazards!

There are some trolls gathering near the city, they are usually not that hostile though, don't worry!