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New content - 'Skinning' Update

Oct 26 2016 - Nerd

Hi guys,

This patch includes Druid balance changes and a new feature, the Skinning System.

The new Skinning System is now available for everyone. You will now be able to skin creatures for animal products, also some products are lootable in monsters. You can turn these products into new outfits and addons.
You can buy a skinning knife ( and turn animal products in at NPC Olek.

As Druid is pretty much only used to conjure runes, we want to bring this vocation back into Classicus. We really want the Druid to be a support, so we have decreased the mana cost of 'exura sio' from 75 to 35 mana. Also the Druid is now available to conjure a completely new rune 'adevo grav vita' which shoots Wild Growth on target, this way Druids can trap monsters for team mates or trap enemies who don't have a machete on hand.

Changes summed up:
- New Skinning System (for more information check out the Server Info page).
- Added over 15 creature products for you to gather.
- Exura sio changed from 75 to 35 mana.
- Added new rune for Druid, 'adevo grav vita'.
- As a reminder, druid UE does a light paralyze but mana is increased from 600 to 1000 mana.

Saturday we are bringing out a big content patch, which includes several new monsters, equipment items and new 'elemental' rings.

Stay tuned!

New content - 'Royalists' Update

Oct 22 2016 - Nerd


Today we bring you yet another content patch. This patch includes big new hunting grounds in the Edron Hero Cave. You are able to find two complete new creatures (with their own custom item loot!) called Royalists and Lost Kings. Also, you are a able to solve a new quest.

With this update we have also added all the custom items to Rashid, so you can sell the loot you don't need.

Enjoy exploring and please leave us some feedback on the new content!

New content - 'Poison Tomb' Update

Oct 21 2016 - Nerd


Happy to release our first piece of the promised new content! A complete new tomb for you to explore, with existing monsters.

Also we have added 3 new custom creatures for you to kill (with their own custom item loot!) in the tomb. We will be adding more new monsters to the current map, expect some new Wizard spawn on Saturday!

Have fun and thanks for playing Classicus!

Patch Notes 17/10

Oct 17 2016 - Nerd


First of all let's welcome GM Varg to the staff team, now patch notes for next server save are as following:
- Fixed a lot of borders, mainly cave/lava borders, everything should be fine now.
- Revamped Server Information page with info about new items and more (check out server info page!)
- Fixed black boards
- Added new elemental melee weapons into the game (lootable in current creatures!)
- Added a lot of new tasks (take a look on our Tasks list page!)
- Added conjure spell for Piercing Arrow (35attack) - 'exevo con vas'
- Added a light paralyze to Druid UE and changed mana required from 600 to 1000 mana.
- Fixed a lot of small things on new island.
- Changed mana and hp regen from 2 to 3.
- Added 'Hall of Shame' page with deleted cheaters.
- Highered luck on finding scarab coins with shovel.

If you have any feedback or any new cool ideas to implement into the game (items, quests, outfits, monsters). In other news, the new client will be rolling out later this week so we can fix the cheating issue, in the meantime we keep deleting cheaters (

Thanks for sticking around!


New Skinning update is now available and big content update coming Saturday! Read more at Latest News section.

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