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Jul 8 2015 - The new update

I don't want to spoil too much but the new update is in it's finishing stages and we'll be very happy to announce more information soon!

We'll do a few tournaments and several events at the same time when we release the update!

See you on Classicus and don't forget to use help channel if you have any questions!



Jun 28 2015 - June 28'th

As some of you know, depots teleports or houses were not working after SS. The reason for this was that some files were not working properly in the data base but this was quickly resolved by the staff and the server is now back to normal. Sorry for the few hours of confusion!

See you on Classicus!


Jun 23 2015 - Experience Voucher!

Because of the recent bug on Classicus everyone who has registered his account before Sunday 21 June has been given an experience voucher.

This voucher will give you 50% extra experience for the duration of 12 hours. Once you activate your voucher the 12 hour count will start, regardless if you logout, the timer will still continue.

You can activate your voucher by typing "!voucher". Thank you all for sticking around to Classicus.



Jun 22 2015 - Lost Djinn & Points

Everyone who activated their access rights to djinns BEFORE june 19'th when everyone had 1k points will get theirs back.

Send an e-mail to undercover@classicus.org.
You must type your in-game name and day that you activated this scroll. If you already sent a mail but did not provide all this information please RE-SEND.

If I get any claims from someone who states they want their djinn rights returned that was activated in the middle of this point error, that player will be banned along with possible main chars for attempt to scam.

You have 3 days to re-claim lost djinns.

If you lost any points during the incident, send an e-mail to this adress. You must copy the whole payment mail that you received to your mail upon donating.

Almost all djinns has been restored. The last bunch will be completed tomorrow and by then all of your mails will have been answered. If your mail have not been answered june 25'th, please send a new mail to GM Undercover. Find my mail adress in the first post.

--- LAST EDIT 25'TH JUNE ---

I'm glad to say that all mails and all djinns has now been restored. Some of them did not provide enough information and was ignored. If you haven't got a reply and wonder why you'll need to send another e-mail.

Thank you for your patience and again we're very sorry about all of this! I'll now be more active to quickly reply to all of your messages and rule violations in-game and on mail!



Jun 21 2015 - No rollback

After working all night we've concluded that the database backups has been corrupted and therefore cannot be used. This issue has now been fixed and in the future we will be able to rollback in a proper manner. Obviously we do NOT want this! Therefore we made sure to fix the error that caused the 1000 points to be given away to players which took a lot of time.

This means that we cannot rollback and we WILL NOT reset. Instead we wiped the server clean from all vip and djinn scrolls. We set everyone's accounts to 14 day of VIP meaning that some people lost a few days. We're sorry for this and hope that you can forgive us. We cannot compensate with more VIP days to every account manually as it'll require an enormous amount of time we don't have. The list is extremely long and we'd need to manually check through our database for every single player. It is NOT possible.

As for djinns: Anyone who had access to djinn/rashid activated on their account will get theirs back tomorrow. Send an e-mail to undercover@classicus.org. If you request to get back a djinn scroll that you ACTIVATED during time period the server was being abused by the huge amounts of premium points spilled, you will be banned for wasting my time; forcing me to check through your logs. You will be caught, and I need to spend as much time as I have by helping players who actually needs it.

If you are still not satisfied with the server you have the possibility to refund your donated money. Note that if you do this you will also lose your account. Furthermore, you'll all be compensated in several ways these upcoming days. Including double exp, skill and increased lootrate.


Jun 18 2015 - New content!

We are happy to announce that we will be releasing new content with new monsters. We are in the progress of finishing the map and which then will be released to everyone to explore.

This will be the third island on our seperated custom city 'Bogrund'. Expected release is in 1 to 2 weeks. Thank you all for playing Classicus!