We are starting a new lowrate server next Friday 18:00 CET, Nastarius.com. Please read the latest news below what this means for Classicus.
Classicus is a midrate Tibia 7.4 OT server.
Here at Classicus you can enjoy Tibia how it is supposed to be: rewarding, skill based and hardcore.

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Latest News

New server - What is going on?

Nov 26 2016 - Nerd

Hey guys,

As you can see I'm opening a new server, Nastarius.com. A lot of players asked for a reset of Classicus or starting a new lowrate server, I've chosen to start a new lowrate server.

Nastarius is a copy of Classicus (including all the custom content), but with low rates.

However, that does not mean Classicus is discontinued. Quite the contrary, as I will be doing weekly updates on the new server (every Sunday), I will be testing and adding the content a few days before on Classicus. So Classicus will remain updated.

This means Classicus will remain being updated and worked on and even get to see the updates a few days early then at Nastarius. Also in the coming week there will be some cool new content updates before Nastarius is launched (first one coming this Sunday!).

Though there are some cons to it, as I want both servers to be pretty much a replicate (apart from rates), there will be some changes pushed to Classicus. Like rookgaard, spears falling on ground, stones dissappearing on hit etc. You will start noticing a lot of little changes in the coming week.

I really want to thank this cool community, after running multiple servers for multiple years, you guys are a true community. Because of this great community I've been so motivated in creating new content as the gratefulness of you guys is so nice!

As a thank you, you can get an exclusive outfit on Nastarius which is only available to level 100+ players on Classicus. To get this addon on the new server, simply reply to this news post with your Nastarius charactername.

Special thanks to Farore, Ue Balanced & Zu for always being around and giving feedback!

New content - 'Titan' Update

Nov 15 2016 - Nerd

Hi guys,

Today we bring you a huge patch. This patch includes new outfits, 3 new monsters, over 30 new sprites (including new walls, lava, equipment and more!)and a new spell for the Paladin vocation.

Let's start of with the new Paladin spell, we have introduced the spell "Double Shot" to you guys. For 60 mana you can do a double shot with any distance weapon (including spears, snowballs etc.). Check the picture below to see how the spell works:

This patch includes 4 new outfits/addons for you to get, a addon for the Paladin outfit and a complete new outfit called the "Demonhunter Outfit". Will you be the first to walk around with the Demonhunter Outfit?

To give the higher levels new areas to explore, we have added a new lava realm located in the Edron Hero Cave, including 3 new monsters and a complete new quest (needs 6x level 140's to be able to start). We will continue creating content for the higher levels so the fun doesn't stop for them.

As an extra, you can now find new Dragon Lord "Hatchlings" around all dragon spawns! http://www.classicus.org/hatchling.png

Enjoy the new content guys and get ready for some more big updates this week!









New content - 'Hydras' Update

Nov 7 2016 - Nerd


Today we bring you a new hunting spawn which many of you have been waiting for, the Hydras. You will be able to find the new spawn through the Ankrahmun mountains (like you would enter to regular Hydras). The Hydras are skinnable (for the new outfit coming up in the next few days).

Will you be able to find the hidden Hydras boss, the Hydrexus?

To thank all players, everyone has been handed out a experience voucher, you can use this voucher once per account and will yield you 24 hours of 30% increased exp. There is no expiration date on the voucher, you can use it at whatever time suits you, may it be now or in a month.

Haven't started playing Classicus yet? No worries, the voucher automatically applies to any account that registers before 11/11/2016 24:00 CET. You can use the voucher by typing /voucher in default chat.

Enjoy guys!






New content - 'Giants' Update

Nov 2 2016 - Nerd

Hi guys,

Today we have released new content, the 'Giants' update. This new update literally is GIANT.

The update includes 3 new monsters, a quest, over 10 new items (including complete new elemental rings!) and a new addon.

We have added a complete new fort for the new monsters, called the Giants. The fort is connected to Thais South Cyclops spawn, though you will need to walk a little underground to get to the new Giants fort.

The fort is around the size of the old Orc Fortress and has many floors up and down for you to explore. Don't get lost, ok?

The new addon is for the Nobleman outfit, to see which items you need to collect for this addon please check the Server Information page.

Enjoy this new update and catch you on the flipside!






New content - 'Skinning' Update

Oct 26 2016 - Nerd

Hi guys,

This patch includes Druid balance changes and a new feature, the Skinning System.

The new Skinning System is now available for everyone. You will now be able to skin creatures for animal products, also some products are lootable in monsters. You can turn these products into new outfits and addons.
You can buy a skinning knife (http://www.classicus.org/layout/images/skinningknife.png) and turn animal products in at NPC Olek.

As Druid is pretty much only used to conjure runes, we want to bring this vocation back into Classicus. We really want the Druid to be a support, so we have decreased the mana cost of 'exura sio' from 75 to 35 mana. Also the Druid is now available to conjure a completely new rune 'adevo grav vita' which shoots Wild Growth on target, this way Druids can trap monsters for team mates or trap enemies who don't have a machete on hand.

Changes summed up:
- New Skinning System (for more information check out the Server Info page).
- Added over 15 creature products for you to gather.
- Exura sio changed from 75 to 35 mana.
- Added new rune for Druid, 'adevo grav vita'.
- As a reminder, druid UE does a light paralyze but mana is increased from 600 to 1000 mana.

Saturday we are bringing out a big content patch, which includes several new monsters, equipment items and new 'elemental' rings.

Stay tuned! http://www.classicus.org/layout/images/monsters/giantboulder.gif




We are opening a new lowrate server, Nastarius.com next Friday 18:00 CET!

Read the latest news what this means for Classicus..

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